Friday, April 27, 2007


Download Shabdavedi mp3's from


Savita said...


When I try to download songs form that site, it asks for a file id to download the zip file...what do I do?? I cannot download it unless I provide the right file ID....what is a file ID?? Please let me know.


Ragavendra said...

Did go to this link

if yes, then it shudn't ask.:)

Anyway the file id is 6370759

After that you'll be asked to wait 35s

Then you get 'Generation of the download link is completed' like shown below.

Click on the link to start downloading.

You have request "" file
Generation of the download link takes some time. Please wait up to 35 seconds

For correct generation of the download link, you need to disable any 'AD Blocking' software or browser's plugins! ...
Here is your personal link to download:

* You can download up to 3 files simultaneously (each file in 1 stream)

Anonymous said...

Listen and Download the songs from